Why Attend?

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, Career Driven, Investor or just need inspiration, a Living To Inspire Festival WILL OPEN DOORS FOR NETWORKING, IDEAS, ENTERTAINMENT AND MORE!



You’re a goal chaser, a dreamer and a hardworking hustler who’s ready to reach for more. Events are for everyone- entrepreneurs in all industries and stages, developers at all levels, community organizers, investors, change-makers, and those working to drive startup growth. 

During this live event, you will break through your fears and bad habits that keep you stuck…the ones you can’t seem to shake no matter what you do. You will walk out of this experience with new empowering beliefs and the tools to create new habits to follow through. Plus, you will connect with thousands of other people who will inspire, motivate and support you in making lasting change.

How long is the event? How many hours per day?

A traditional LTI Festival is a one day amazing experience. Saturday 10am - 7pm. VIP Party 8-11pm. If you’re making travel arrangements, we recommend you schedule your flight for the day after the event ends.

Will food and accommodations be provided?

Food and accommodations are not included with your enrollment. However, we do contract with hotels in the surrounding area to provide special rates for attendees. Additionally, there are multiple places to eat inside venue space.


Are dogs/pets allowed?

No, pets are not allowed on site for public safety reasons. Certified service animals are welcome.

What should I wear?

This is not an event where you sit and listen the entire time – you will be moving, dancing, stretching, standing sitting, jumping, networking etc. Dress casual and comfortable. Bring warm clothes because the room is kept very cool. We highly recommend layering your clothing in case you become too warm/cold during the activities. Comfortable shoes are absolutely necessary. Wear comfortable and supportive clothing.

You will definitely need a large water bottle to fill up during the event – staying hydrated is paramount! Extra pens/pencils, a notebook, travel size tissues, throat lozenges (so you don’t lose your voice on the first night!) and anything else you might think you need. Please keep in mind that there is not a lot of room within the seating area, so please bring only what can fit underneath your seat.

Can I bring a back pack? What is your bag policy?

Yes. However, please note that ALL bags are subject to security check at the show entrance.

Can I come back the same day? Can I come back tomorrow with the wristband?

Yes, you can return to the show the same day—be sure to get a wristband. Wristbands are good only for the day the ticket is purchased. To attend another day, you must purchase another ticket.

Do I have to print out my ticket before I get to the show?

Printing your ticket before getting to the show will provide quicker entry. We also accept mobile tickets.

How can I confirm my purchase went through?

You will receive a confirmation email/receipt with a link to view your mobile ticket or PDF. Please save the email for reference until the show.

Are there assigned seats?

Seats are available on a first come, first served basis. Seats are not pre-assigned. Once you navigate to your purchased seating level you can sit wherever you’d like within that section. However, in order to get the best seats available in your section, we recommend arriving early. Doors will open early prior to the event start time. Each day you will have a new seat.

Can I record the event with my phone or any other recording device?

The LTI Festival event is protected by copyright and other intellectual property laws, and any unauthorized recording (via either audio or video) is strictly prohibited of speakers/performers. The materials you are provided at the event are also protected by copyright and other laws, and are for your personal use at and after the event. If you are taking photos with your cell phones or smart devices, please be mindful not to use flash which can be distracting, especially during the firewalk.

Saturday, May 9th 2020 – 10am – 7pm
Please note this end time is dependent on speaker run times for the day.


We do not recommend that you bring children, infants, or strollers to the event. Some content and language used by the speakers may not be suitable for minors. Please also be aware, that any individual entering the event halls, will require a ticket for entry. This is regardless of age.


There will be no refunds available once a ticket is sold.
If you are unable to attend LTI and choose to sell your ticket or tickets to someone else, Please contact our amazing LTI staff at livingtoinspirefestivals@gmail.com and we will change the ticket to the new person’s name.


Yes based on selection.