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SeVen RoCk LiFe is a "Brand" with a Story that Inspires. It's about people living that everyday life that truly are inspiring in society. Whether you're a mom, dad, kid, athlete, entrepreneur or just someone working hard everyday in this game of life, we admire you! This brand is about three things:

Victorious In Life

Contributor To Society

Fun Along The Journey

These experiences have helped create “The 7 Rocks Of Life” book & “Seven Rock Life” brand. Our mission is to grow “Project Impact & Charities” to make a true difference in this society. To help those less fortunate & guiding people to live a balanced life of true joy and purpose around the world.


Every item bought through this website another item is donated to a charity. At the end of every month an email is sent out on what and where the items are sent. If interested in following this journey of giving back subscribe to our NEWSLETTER . Thanks for visiting and having interest in the SeVen RoCk LiFe & Project Impact!


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