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 Message from Steve


      SeVen RoCk LiFe is about inspiring others, sharing ideas and giving resources to help you become the best version you were destined to be. I realized that we have a great online community in this world but it’s so important to create an offline community that can educate, entertain & inspire others in life.

Also we get to raise money for great causes with our brands mission as well. 

     That is how Living To Inspire Festivals were created. This was something myself & friends

would 100% attend so we said why not create it for the world!

So I will be there & hope to see you as well. Get ready to hear stories

that inspire with people that you will admire! 

- Steve Mazzurco / Founder


  E X P E R I E N C E

Living to Inspire Festivals will take place in 7 select cities across the country starting November 2019 through 2020. A Living To Inspire Festival is a new and unique live event experience designed to Educate, Entertain and Connect one another through the Seven Rocks of Life mentality.   Living To Inspire Festivals ecosystem attracts talent, resources, and ideas from around the world. Our Global community will come together to be inspired around America. 


You’re a goal chaser, a dreamer and someone who’s ready to reach for more. Events are for everyone- entrepreneurs in all industries and stages, developers at all levels, community organizers, investors, change-makers, organization leaders and those working to drive startup growth. 

Whether you are an Entrepreneur, career driven, Investor or just need inspiration, a living to inspire festival WILL OPEn DOORS FOR NETWORKING, IDEAS, entertainment AND MORE!



A ROADMAP that turns your pages of to-do lists into a focused action plan that WILL get you one step closer to your goals on the daily.


SALES STRATEGIES that work, taught by successful entrepreneurs that are already making it happen.


A COMMUNITY of business owners, goal chasers & visionaries who are ready to reach for more.

MARKETING TOOLS that will revolutionize the way you reach your dream customers...and turn that engagement into revenue.

INSPIRATION from real people who share their personal stories of failure & success, sure to get you revved up ready to chase down your own personal or business dreams!

ENTERTAINMENT that features music from hot and new emerging artists that want to make an impact.

When you’re “Living to Inspire” the world is a better place.




 "A Stage For Ideas, Artist & Stories"


"Living to Inspire Festival is definitely an ultimate way to be inspired! The vibes, the stories, the talents, the giving to charities all bring inspiration in ways you can only experience by being there! It will make you dream like you never have before and immediately jump into action to get there. It was a true joy to experience - you should definitely not miss the next one! Thank you for the inspiration!"

“The Living to Inspire Festival along with Seven Rock Life are the epitome of life changing platforms. From the knowledge to the networking, I am truly grateful for all of the the relationships that have come from this impactful mission. Thank you.”

"The festivals have top notch talent. It’s different than anything else on the motivational market. It helps charity! Join in the fun!"




G I V I N G  B A C K

10%  of every ticket goes towards select charities that represent great. Whether it is those that serve our country or causes that have an impactful mission, we as a community will present the donations live at the festivals.  


Our mission is to grow “Project Impact & Charities” to make a true difference in this society. To help those less fortunate & guide people to live a balanced life of true joy and purpose around the world. Be part of the moment when these organizations get the donations they deserve. 


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